Since the beginning of 2017, we’ve been known as Strengthscope U.S. — we now need to broaden our brand, so we are becoming Helios!

Why “Helios?”

Great question!

In biology there’s an idea called “heliotropism” — this concept describes how certain organisms turn or grow towards the life-giving energy of the sun (helios is the Greek word for “sun”). Our company has adopted the name Helios as we feel it’s a poetic nod to the energy source we all orbit around. And, in a metaphorical way, our approach to work is deeply heliotropic, as we advocate for a new “workplace operating system” that puts each person’s most energized, best self at the core.

For us, the workplace of the future puts the question “How do we help each person be their best, most energized self as often as possible?” firmly at the center of all processes, procedures, and policies.

Each human being has a fingerprint-like “energy” profile — meaning, there is a unique “recipe” that allows each person to offer their highest and best contribution to their team. Organizations that thrive in the world of tomorrow don’t just “understand” this fact, but foster a deliberately developmental culture that allows each and every person to learn, grow, and become more of who they truly are each and every day.

In a very literal way, the sun in our solar system gives life and energy to our existence — it makes our little blue ball called Earth work.

With our company name, we’re simply suggesting that putting what gives US life and energy at the center of the way we work could do us all quite a lot of good, too.

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