Helios is a growing tribe of change leaders on a mission to create a world where everyone can love work. There are probably millions of ways this could be approached, so today I want to explain our particular contribution to this herculean effort: human energy.

Human energy — this is an interesting topic, because it’s the thing we never think about.

Take a moment now and ponder; how much do you consider your own energy?

If you’re like most people, it’s likely you don’t notice it much at all… until you don’t have it. When we’re sick and can’t get out of bed, what’s the ONE thing we want? Energy. When we’re starving and start to feel our brain get a bit cloudy, what’s the ONE thing we need? Energy (which gets replenished in the form of food). When we’re exhausted, what’s the one thing we need? Energy (which gets replenished in the form of sleep).

So human energy is a strange thing, because most times we don’t think about it at all, and if we do notice it, it’s only in the absence of it.

But at the same time, it’s also kind of everything. We can’t do anything without it. Human energy is the thing that moves the world. Anything that happens, outside of natural ecosystems of course, is because a human had the energy to get it started or keep it moving.

So, we’ve got this deeply powerful thing that moves the world, but most of us don’t give it a second thought in our daily lives.

This is where the Helios perspective comes in. We believe that, because it’s the thing that moves us all, cultivating a better understanding of human energy is the secret to creating organizations that can heal the world.

So the Helios approach is to first help people understand what energizes and drains their energy at an individual level, and we use a powerful psychometric instrument to do this.

But human energy isn’t only about the individual, because our energy is also deeply impacted by the structures and systems around us (most of which are terribly energy-sucking). So we also help organizations learn how to create an Energy-Based Operating System (ebOS), which is simply a way of working that GIVES people more energy than it sucks out.

What if your work environment could be drama-free and deeply energizing? What if each person had the ability to do the BEST work of their life almost every day? What if meetings were productive and (gasp) fun?

The Helios Approach will show you how to make all this a reality.

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