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An assessment suite that uncovers what powers everyone's best work, across the whole organization.

More than ever before, we need each person to be their very BEST at work. Get the conversation moving with Strengthscope®.

Does your organization want to do more with less?

Research shows it would take a team of NINE "satisfied" people to equal the output of just FOUR "inspired" people.
Our approach provides a better way to turn every person into an inspired person.
We'll help you make this happen in a scalable way with each individual, from the inside out.

What makes Strengthscope® so different?

Whole-Company Transformation

A suite of products with assessments for individuals, 360s, teams, leaders, and ROI on investment. Don't settle for just "finding" personal strengths—help the whole organization work better!

Energy, Not Competency

"Carrots" are too expensive and "sticks" are demotivating—and neither are as effective as we'd like them to be. Tap into intrinsic motivation for truly mind-blowing productivity!

Positively Addresses Challenges

Other strengths offerings don't adequately deal with performance challenges. We provide an approach that makes tough conversations easier and keeps everyone focused on delivering their best work!

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