We are absolutely thrilled to announce we’ve officially joined the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry (Burlington, Vt.) as its first official partner!

To learn more about David L. Cooperrider’s Center for Appreciative Inquiry, go here.

For more “official press release” kind of stuff, read on…


Helios (utilizing Strengthscope®, the assessment suite that works to “energize peak performance”) is a natural fit for the forward-thinking center, which works to educate leaders at “being the best in the world at seeing the best for the world”. The two organizations see that this new partnership will bring a synergistic force in continuing to revolutionize the strengths-inspired, organizational leadership sector.

David Cooperrider, Phd., the co-founder and thought leader of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), believes that AI is the search for the best in people, their organizations and the world around them. AI involves a line of questioning that strengthens an organizations’s ability to understand, anticipate and heighten it’s positive potential.

One such tool in line with this very purpose is the Strengthscope® assessment suite. Created in 2006 by British psychologists, James Brook and Dr. Paul Brewerton, the Strengthscope® instrument enables businesses to build peak-performing workplaces by focusing not only on what people are “good at,” but what energizes them. The assessment highlights what keeps individuals and teams engaged and doing their best work, or what they term “sustainable peak performance.”

As partners, Helios and the Center for Appreciative Inquiry will continue their work in helping organizations identify their positive core strengths and applying them toward an affirmative topic. They will also fulfill employees’ desires to perform meaningful and generative work. The AI Center and Helios partnership means that individuals and organizations can expect continued growth and development in the world of strengths-inspired leadership.

“When we love what we do at work, we do it better” says Helios CEO Josh Allan Dykstra. “We work with consultants and organizations that are hungry for a positive approach to leadership, as demonstrated by employing Appreciative Inquiry. To have Helios officially join that portfolio is really, truly exciting.” Dykstra sees this partnership as the key to a new strengths revolution. “We truly believe an energy-based strengths approach will revolutionize the way we work. Pairing the Helios approach and Strengthscope® with AI can show everyone how to love their work and achieve more as a result.”


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