I love creating learning experiences. When I stumbled into this line of work many years ago, I had no idea this was even a “thing” a person could do as a career, but it’s turned out to be a deeply fulfilling fit for my strengths.

We’ve been the official certifying body for Strengthscope® in the United States for many years — and we will continue to offer this certification.

To be honest, we aren’t really “assessment” people, but this one is special; we truly love this instrument and the simple yet powerful way it helps people build Energy Intelligence.

And, as our organization evolves into Helios, the core learning experiences we offer are evolving, too.

We’ve realized Helios is, at its core, about a new approach to work — one that’s life-giving and energizing (instead of soul-sucking and draining).

We realized that to properly teach people about an Energy-Based Operating System (ebOS) and an energy-based way of working, we needed a learning experience that accurately reflected our latest and best thinking on this subject.

Thus, the Helios Launch was born. We disassembled our core certification training and rebuilt an entirely new experience from the ground-up. Or, if you prefer, we basically took everything we’ve learned about blended learning adult pedagogy over the years and cranked it all up to 11.

In our experience, the #1 question after learning about the basics of Energy Intelligence is always: “How do I keep this alive?” So we decided to build the whole experience around answering THAT question.

One of the most groundbreaking realizations we had in the process was that most “train-the-trainer” experiences are focused on teaching trainers how to deliver a specific intervention: “Here’s how to use our tools in a coaching session or in a team off-site” — that kind of thing. The problem with that is people don’t live in coaching sessions or team off-sites. We live in the day-to-day experience of meetings, random collisions with colleagues, and email (WAY too much email).

Make no mistake, specific interventions are often powerful and important! But it’s the other 95% of the year that Helios is concerned with.

What if meetings, colleague interactions, and even the way we communicate via technology could become more energizing than draining?

This is our obsession, and it’s what the Helios Launch is built to give you: an entirely new set of practical, day-to-day practices that immediately begin to re-wire your culture to be more energizing.

The Launch will give you the confidence — and the Toolkit — you need to “install” an Energy-Based Operating System (ebOS) in your organization.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d be delighted to tell you — send us an email at hello@helios.work or you can book a time with my friend and colleague Pam by clicking right here.

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