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Real comments from #lovework participants:

"Since this has started you can see a huge shift in communication — people working with each other and not being afraid to speak out or say something we don’t want to admit to others. But now we are in a safe place and we can."

"People who didn't talk openly before have started communicating more, speaking up more, and being more involved. I’ve been here for four years and it’s a big change."

"If we didn't have something like this, we would have fallen apart. The communication was lacking. We were scared to say anything. And now I can come in and say 'I’m overwhelmed' or 'I need help.'"

"#lovework gave us an organic transition from the old to the new. It was the bridge. The app has given us a platform to distance ourselves very naturally and organically from the past to the present."

"You want to be a part of it, to grow and see what everyone else is doing — even if we aren’t at work! You want to see the changes in other people. The #lovework app draws you in."

"#lovework has given us a positive way to look at things instead of the negatives. Something just clicked. We are going deeper. This has given us the camaraderie to know we are not alone."