Today we’re honored to feature Helios Tribe member Ray Rood and his insightful thoughts on times of disruption. Enjoy!


Last fall I was given a copy of Simon Sinek’s book, The Infinite Game, and in it was introduced to the concepts of finite and infinite mindsets.

After reading the book I determined that Andrea Nunez (Genysys’ CEO) and I should discuss the implications of the book’s content for our company, The Genysys Group, which later morphed into what has become an ongoing conversation with our entire leadership team.

Within the past several weeks I also read a McKinsey article entitled COVID-19: Implications for Business, which became the impetus for writing the article: Five Questions For Times of Disruption.

This article integrates the outcomes of my Infinite Game reading and conversations along with my COVID-19 observations and experience.

My intent was to write an article that could be used by individuals as well as organizational teams.

— Raymond Rood, April 2020


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