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And a few follow-up thoughts…

When we hear about this whole “self managing teams” thing, it can be easy to get a bit “triggered” by it. We all have a lot of conditioning to think about people in a Theory X kind of way, so thoughts can quickly pop into our minds like: “That would be anarchy!” or “Nothing would get done!”

But if we flip the way we look at this, I think it feels entirely different.

If I’m a team leader, tasks relating to “managing” are likely some of the things I hate most about my job.

I don’t want to have to check up on people to make sure things get done. I don’t want to have to “manage” someone’s performance (shouldn’t they be responsible for that themselves?). I don’t want to have to make decisions for everyone else. I don’t want to be the only grownup in a workplace that feels like an adult daycare center.


If you are a team leader in an organization, chances are quite good that the “managing” parts of your job are some of the parts you hate the most — because deep down, it feels like you shouldn’t have to do them.

(And you’d be right.)

Contrast that with “leading” behaviors, on the other hand — which you likely enjoy much more. 

Those behaviors are things like providing vision and big-picture goals. Offering inspiration and hope for the future. Helping people develop and grow and learn.

All those things are desperately needed, and they’re likely the things you enjoy much more — but they often get pushed out of the way because of all the “managing” we think we have to do.

So, stop it. Install an organizational operating system that allows you to quit doing the “managing” things you hate, and allows you to focus on leading instead. 

It’s not only possible, it’s also simpler than you think.

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