How Great Leaders (Like You) Are Thinking About Budget Cuts In The Age Of COVID

May 12, 2020By Josh Allan DykstraFuture Of Work, Leadership, Strategy No Comments

“Spending freeze” “Cut your budgets” “Look at your spend” “Free up some cash” We all seem to be hearing a lot of these kinds of statements right now. And they’re mostly understandable. We’re in a strange, new situation for which there’s literally no precedent, and this naturally causes us to be more cautious. As we … Read More

5 Questions For Times Of Disruption

April 25, 2020By HeliosChange, Strategy No Comments

Today we’re honored to feature Helios Tribe member Ray Rood and his insightful thoughts on times of disruption. Enjoy! // Last fall I was given a copy of Simon Sinek’s book, The Infinite Game, and in it was introduced to the concepts of finite and infinite mindsets. After reading the book I determined that Andrea … Read More

The Promise Of “AND”

April 7, 2020By Lindsey GodwinAppreciative Inquiry, Strategy No Comments

As much as we know that “words make worlds” in our Appreciative Inquiry global community, sometimes there are no words that seem just right to capture everything in our heads and hearts.  The perfect word to accurately reflect the mix of emotions that we, like all of you, are experiencing on a daily basis alludes … Read More

11 Quick Best Practices For Great Video Chats

April 3, 2020By Adrienne SealStrategy, Technology No Comments

The world of work changed overnight. Boundaries between work and family have been redefined as we cohabitate under shelter-in-place mandates around the country. And many organizations, of course, have been forced to embrace the idea of remote employees and how that shapes their culture moving forward. This process doesn’t have to be a frustration — it can … Read More

Profit Is To Business as Oxygen Is To Life

April 26, 2019By Josh Allan DykstraFuture Of Work, Strategy 2 Comments

In our business culture today, we have a relentless focus towards more — buying more, selling more, having more. We’ve even codified this unending expectation into our work lives in the form of “quarterly returns.” The explicit and implicit expectation set upon our most public organizations is unending growth, quarter after quarter, year after year, forever and ever. … Read More