The Dirty Secret Of Burnout

April 19, 2019By Josh Allan DykstraEnergy-Based OS, Engagement No Comments

Burnout at work is quite literally everywhere. Perhaps you read the recent article in The Washington Post, or saw how companies are adopting four-day workweeks to try to combat this problem, or checked out the piece in BuzzFeed about how Millennials are “the burnout generation.” Or maybe you just looked in the mirror, or into … Read More

A New Year Projection: One Diagram To Rule Them All

January 4, 2017By Josh Allan DykstraDevelopment, Engagement, Leadership, Recruiting/Hiring, Strengths 1 Comment

  As we look into the fresh beginnings of a new year, I wanted to offer a bold idea that could absolutely transform your organization in 2017: What if you could replace your entire people strategy with this two-circle diagram and a simple mantra? That may seem crazy, but hear me out… For each individual, the zone where the … Read More